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Hey you!

Danelle Delgado, The Millionaire Maker here.
Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Millionaire?
I've been working for the last 11 years really to not just become a millionaire myself, but to make millionaires around me.

What it took to overcome my own limitations, mental, physical, the time, the sleepless nights, the journey...

It's not necessarily easy, but it is possible for you!

But it starts with knowing your worth, claiming that worth, and adding value to others lives.
See It Starts With A Mental Transformation...
You have to lean on the muscles you never knew you had, and really build your habits and expectations to become the one your results require!

To put into practice all the learnings and teachings...

To create wealth...
Let Me Be Real With You...
My "Making Of A Millionaire" journey, has been raw...

 I II think of how many times I wiped tears away from my face before walking onto stage, pressing record, walking into a meeting...

I put on a face...

Because the journey was hard...

But it was a journey I loved...

A journey I still love...

Because my mission is to serve others, lead them, and draw them up

into their greatest potential.

 And now I get to share the biggest things I overcame to ensure you can take the right steps, avoid some of my mistakes, and push forward to becoming all you can be!
Here's The Biggest Challenge About Success Right Now
 Many of you are struggling with the financial uncertainty happening in the world right now and don't know what your next step is...
 Maybe you're stuck living paycheck to paycheck, and are looking for a way to scale your income
 Maybe you've tried to reach new heights before, live a more fulfilled life, but have had failures along the way...
So what if I told you I could show you...
​  The exact blueprint to creating massive business success online and offline
 The tools and resources to increase your sales and develop better connections in the marketplace
 How to increase your vision for a brighter day ahead
It's time to get paid what you deserve!
There should be nothing that would ever hold you back from getting good, from getting paid, and from doing all you can, so that you become the human who gives back and makes this world even more beautiful!
So I've done something really remarkable.
I've spent 24 hours in the studio filming my best ever videos!

12 x 2 Hour Trainings...

The real stories...

The never before heard secrets...

The emotional journey...

The stuff that really makes a difference!
"The Making Of A Millionaire!"
And I want to give you a opportunity to CLAIM YOUR WORTH for 2021!
So Here's What It Looks Like
Episode 1 - Where to begin
- In The Beginning ... No One Will Tell You, But I Will
- Start With Who You Are And Why Not

Episode 2 - Mental Amor
- It's Not About Mindset
- Insider Secrets That Save 

Episode 3 - Conversationalism
- It's Not Just How You Talk
- Connection Concepts

Episode 4 - Focus
- Factors You Cannot Ignore
- Hacking Your Way Clear

Episode 5 - Judgement
- The Truth Can Break You Free
- Feedback: The Breakfast Of Champions

Episode 6 - Work Ethic
- Loops Closing
- Commitment Vs Effort
Episode 7 - Superpower Separation
- Set Apart
- Assets Are Us

Episode 8 - All Eyes On Me
- The Truth About Attention
- Raise Your Message

Episode 9 - Energetic Magic
- The Secret Weapon That Serves You
- Kryptonite Eliminated

Episode 10 - The Unicorn Method
- Congruence Activated
- When In Doubt Leave It Out 

Episode 11 - Sustaining Victory
- Engage And Exchange
- Wire Transfers

Episode 12 - As Good As Your Give
- The audit will help you 
- As good as your give 
- In the end... it’s better than I told you
Over 24 Hours Of Brand New Video & Audio
Normal Price: $297
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Here's What Some Of My Students Are Saying...

"Hey Ya’ll. My name is Brynn and I have to shoot you straight, I love what I do, I had great success, I even was told I was so good that I didn’t need a coach, but something kept telling me to work with Danelle. I had seen her speak and was blown away and let me tell you, from the moment I said yes, the success has continued to multiply. Before Danelle I was making multiple 6 figures in network marketing and had achieved about $20,000 extra for a side coaching business in 2019. After hiring Danelle and working her system, my first month with her my coaching business did over $50,000. Yes in one month more than doubled what I had made the entire year before. The success has continued to multiply running with her. I will tell you what, INVEST IN A COACH, and yes I suggest Danelle. She will accelerate your ascent.
Brynn Lang

I found what I was looking for and more.

When I crossed paths with Danelle for the first time I was busy trying to prove to myself that I was still a winner even though I was physically and mentally exhausted and felt used up.

With the support I received participating in trainings with Danelle over the past year, I’ve regained my confidence and motivation, reclaimed 2 hours of each day to train my horses, increased efficiency with my glass company seeing an increase in sales of 5.1% and net profit increased by 40.6% even after giving away over half a million dollars to our employees at Christmas time.

I was also able to restructure my social media presence with her help to build a new real estate business online and attract the perfect clients to me and did $1,590,500 in real estate transactions within 8 months.
Lisa White Johnson

"I first went on a retreat with Danelle in 2019. It changed everything about how I did business. I went from making ends meet to over $40,000/month consistently. After about a year of successful progress on my own, I came back for more and within my first month running with Danelle again, our company did over $100,000 and it has continued to climb the last four months. Grateful beyond words – Best Coach Ever!"
Heather Dye

Are You Ready To Take
It's time to increase your network...

It's time to improve your communication skills...

It's time to transform your sales results...

It's time to scale your income...

So let me help you "The Making Of A Millionaire"!!!!

Today, for a ridiculously low price!

I cannot wait to run with you in 2021...

Danelle x
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